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By far, the most common call out we get in Perth is for Roof Leak Repair. This is especially the case after a long hot summer, leaf dropping autumn then the heavy rains that come with winter. All that expansion from the heat and gutters getting blocked with leaves really puts your roof to the test. Once we get some heavy rains, the problems start to show up. So, we get the inevitable questions “Why is my Roof Leaking?”  

There are many potential causes of a Roof leak which takes a keen eye and many years of experience to identify. We’ve listed the 5 most common causes of Roof leaks that we see regularly: 


  1. Problems with Roof Flashing

Flashings are thin layers of metal sheets used to cover a seam or transition point on your roof. They’re mounted under your roof tiles and joints. They can be covered up or exposed. Flashing is the most common area for leakage, and is easily damaged over time. Possible causes can include: 

  • Broken flashing (large cracks in your roof) 
  • Faulty installation 
  • Low quality flashing materials 


  1. Blocked Gutters

You’ll probably know if your gutters are clogged because the water will be pouring over the sides of your gutters. Another way of identifying clogged gutters is by taking a look when it rains. If there is no water coming out at the end of your downpipes pipes, the gutter is likely clogged. Blocked gutters are a common problem that’s quite easy to prevent, but we still this issue occurring more frequently than it should. 


  1. Pipes & Vents

Common problems with pipes & vents arise when you have to drill holes in your roofing. Vent pipes, appliance exhaust flues and ventilation ducts are among the most common things that need to have exiting through your roof. Cracked or worn flashing around these pipes and flues is frequent source of leakage issues on your roof. Roof vents may look like pipes or sticking up small domes from your roof and they’re used to allow moisture and heat to exit Roof cavity.  


  1. Old Skylights

These types of leaks are generally easier to spot. If there’s water staining or small drips consistently coming from the area surrounding the skylight, then there is most likely a leak related to the skylight . Keep in mind, though, that leaks which occur near the peak of your roof may actually be a flashing problem. Having skylights adds a wonderful ambience and natural lighting to your home but they can cause more harm than good if they’re not installed correctly. If you notice that your skylight’s downhill slope fills more easily with water, you’ll be dealing with a leak in the near future. 


  1. Storm Damage 

As well as creating the leaks, the high wind storms which we experience in Perth are among the most common causes of sudden roof damage. If you have an older roof, then there is a greater chance that these storms, in particular, could cause some damage, move tiles or lift loose screws causing openings for the rain to enter. Of course, any hail storms we may have should immediately alert you that a Roof Maintenace check should be done ASAP. 


There are many other potential ways your Roof could end up leaking but no matter what the cause is, the best way to avoid costly repairs caused by roof leaks is to always have regular building inspections Perth and a solid Roof Maintenace plan in place, including Gutter & Roof cleaning.  

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