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Perth Roof Repairs and Maintenance

We’ve seen it all! No job too big or small. When you need a fast and professional Roof Repair service In Perth or surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered. Our team of highly experienced Roofers will get your Repairs done fast and at a competitive price.

Whether it’s for Colorbond or Zincalume steel, concrete tile, terracotta or slate we have Roofers with years of experience who can deliver a high-quality roofing repair for you. At Perth Roof Repair & Restoration, you’ll get a qualified and licensed Roofing tradesman to repair your roof.  

Do you have a Roof Leak? Fixing leaks is one of the most complex and difficult skills to acquire as a professional Roofer. There are so many possible causes of leaks which takes years of experience and skill to be able locate the source of complex Roof Leaks. If you have a leak, or any other Roof problems, we can fix it for you!  

Roof Restoration Perth

Do you have Roof Tiles? We find and Replace any cracked or broken tiles including any with hairline cracks before completely pressure cleaning your roof using our water blaster that produces 4,000 psi of pressure, easily removing any mold and built up dirt. If required, we remove ridge caps and re-bed even if your existing bedding is only slightly loose as well as re-pointing all the ridge caps with a polymer based flexible pointing mortar and because it’s flexible, it won’t crack with the normal movement of your home from thermal causes. Next, we apply the sealer / primer coat to the whole surface of the roof which creates grip for the next 2 layers of acrylic membrane which comes in a range of colors to suit the style of your home. Finally, we conduct a Quality Control Inspection to ensure the job is completed to our high standards.  

Got a Metal Roof? We remove light rust first by grinding it back and applying a high-quality rust converter. We replace any sheets that are beyond repair including any loose and/or rusty nails. Once the roof is completely pressure cleaned, we apply the metal etch primer and then the 2 coats of acrylic membrane, finished off once again by our QC check for your peace of mind. 

Roof Restoration
Roof Restoration Perth

Frequently Asked Questions

Courtesy may not be the first thing people think of when it comes to roofing, but for us, it's one of the most important tools we carry.
Can I just do the roof work myself?

While some small tasks can be handled by DIY’ers, significant work or total roofing replacement jobs are extremely complex and even dangerous. This requires years of training so should be left to the professionals. Our professional Roofing contractors have undergone training and certification by the manufacturers of the materials we work with to ensure any extended warranties remain valid. If the materials are not installed by an appropriately trained professional, the it will void the warranty of the manufacturer.

Do I need to replace the Roof if its Leaking?

Surprisingly, a lot of people believe that when there is a leak in the roof it needs to be replaced but this is almost always not the case unless it’s an extremely old Roof. Most of the time its just missing, cracked, or broken tiles and a quick Repair is sufficient at rectifying the roof leak issue.

How much will my Roof Repair cost?

There are so many factors when working out how much your Roof Repair, may cost such as the height and pitch of your roof, the type of materials you have and what condition the roof is in. The fastest way to calculate how much it will cost is to contact us for an obligation free quote.

How long will it take to replace or Repair a Roof?

Every roof is different. we need to take into consideration the access, size , condition, height etc. Repairs can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Replacements can take weeks. To get a more accurate timeline give us a call and we can have a chat about your needs.

How do I choose the best Roofing Contractor?

First of all you will want to ensure the Roofing Contractor you use is licensed and has full insurance. There has been instances of door to door salesmen posing as Tradesmen and claiming to have identified problems with your Roof and demanding money upfront to fix the issue. The WA department of Commerce has issued a warning about these scams.

Make sure the official quote is detailed and covers everything that was discussed over the phone and ticks all the requirement to finish the job. Confirm that the roofer will be cleaning up after themselves once the job is complete and that their communication is prompt and efficient throughout the process.

Gutter Cleaning Perth
Roof Gutter Clean Perth

Roof & Gutter Cleaning Perth

We provide a comprehensive cleaning service for your Roof & Guttering. Dirt and built up leaves can restrict water run-off from your roof, block your gutters and cause water damage to your home. A roof and gutter clean from Perth Roof Repair & Restoration will ensure that rain water runs off your roof, into your gutters and out the downpipes… the way it’s meant to.

Cleaning your gutters is essential, especially for upcoming autumn and winter months. As leaves fall, the chances of your gutters clogging are very high. Combined with a build-up of debris and rain, it is a recipe for potential disaster. Looking after your roof is an essential part of good property maintenance practices, the last thing you need is for something small and easily fixed to cause costly damage to your property. As part of every gutter cleaning job we provide a FREE basic roof inspection, we advise you on the condition of your roof/gutters, as well as a free quote for any maintenance that may be required. 

New Installation & Replacement Roofs

Do you need a Roof Installed or Replaced? Your roof protects the rest of your home and the contents within, so Roof Installations or Replacements are not the place for shortcuts. Perth Roof Repairs & Restorations provide full new Roof installations and/or re-roofing service for old tile or tin, replacing it with your choice of Roof Tile or Australian made Zincalume or Colorbond roofing. Our Roofing contractors have extensive experience with replacing and installing all types of roofs, wall cladding, guttering, downpipes, vents, capping, flashing and drainage solutions.

All our roofing projects come standard with our quality workmanship guarantee and complete customer satisfaction, providing your home with long lasting durable roof solution. We have the technical experience to provide you with the best professional advice for your roofing needs.  

Roof Replacement
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